Apr 2, 2011

Warning! New member Approaching!

Sooo.. Chibikowskie joins the NewGeneration Hacking-Team.
I knew KC:MM(BrawlVault) almost since the begining of the first Vertex hacks, but my first hack or upload( CSP for someone who would make Sora Form-Textures) was as KAZECoyote add Sora to his Hacks.
So i joined in Summer 2010, my first Texture hack was "Super Luigi" i found that Picture and thought:" Mann, this could be easy to make ".
After a while i made the Textures for my CSP that is how Hacking started for me. My favorite hack is Sora cause i´m a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, cause i seen every Disney-Movie in my Childhood. I'm also good in Photoshop/Design and stuff like that.
I would like to make awesome hacks with this Team, like Group-Projects.
Here is also a Link to my CSP Thread: 


and my Vertex/Texture Thread with Updates of my current Projects: 


  1. i edited the post a bit to correct sum stuff and make it clearer ^^