Aug 30, 2011

four new hacks!!

ok, here is a HUUUUGE blog entry, so lets start already:

first, my less favourite... genie, from alladdin.
this one has a lot of flaws actually, im only happy with how the face turned out, and i'll never ever make another ganondorf mod, DAMN is he messy...
so yeah, he has a lot of holes and stuff... sorry for that..

now, the second one, my third favourite, my first pkmn trainer hack... WES(the dude from pokemon colloseum)

i like how this one turned out, but the symmetry in pkmn trainer didnt allow me to make it perfect enough...
hair is kinda messy too... XDD

now my second favourite... HERCULES!!!!

this one was the first one i started from these four, and it has to be one of the best hacks ive made... i finally managed to get a face nicely done on this one... xD
his legs clip through the skirt of course...





this one came out very nice, and only took me like 2 or 3 hours, but it has to be my favourite, because of the mixup between the epicness of him using a baseball bat, and his cuteness.. xDD

ok, so thats that, here is the DOWNLOAD

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